Monday, December 5, 2011

Chic Pixel Holiday Giveaway!

For a bit of a festive treat, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank both the regular frequenters of Chic Pixel and any newcomers for taking the time to read what I have to say by offering a little giveaway contest. I really appreciate any and all comments and just knowing a handful of you read all the way through my posts makes it worthwhile. 

So what am I giving away, you ask?

Since Chic Pixel really is all about my favorite hobbies (namely BL manga and all sorts of popular and lesser-known video games), I thought I'd do things a little differently by offering not one, but two prizes: 

First up is a copy of volume 1 of Crimson Spell, a BL manga by Ayano Yamane! (contains graphic sex, entrants must be over 18)

The second prize pack is for all the Japanese game enthusiasts out there: choose this option and you'll get a rare Arc Rise Fantasia pin set and an El Shaddai goodie pack, which includes a pin, illustration card, and a sticker! These were scored by my amazingly cool mom at E3 2010 and 2011, and I'm pretty sure you won't be able to find them for sale anywhere else.

Entry terms: 
  • Leave a comment on this entry stating which prize pack you'd most like to win (entrants are only eligible to win one or the other). Remember to leave a way for me to contact you!
  • For an additional entry, promote this contest and/or my blog via Twitter, Facebook, or however you'd like! Just leave a comment every time you tweet/post about it so I can keep track of your entries! (maximum of 5 additional entries)
  • Contest is open to anyone in the world and closes promptly on Friday, December 9th at 9 pm EST 
Good luck! 


Famicom Freak said...

Hey there very nice giveaway you are doing! I am putting my entry for the second prize! hmm you can contact me through my e-mail of course Happy holidays!

Eric said...

I'd go for the El Shaddai pack - thanks!

Eric said...!/apricotsushi/status/143521245382717440

Tweeted about it!

Bryan Ochalla said...

Cool idea, Anne! I'll put my hat in the ring for the BL manga. You're really willing to ship that to the US if necessary?

Anyway, I'll promote it on Twitter in just a bit and then on my blog tomorrow sometime.

Maybe someday I'll get some swag and do something similar on my blog :)

apricotsushi said...

Thanks everybody! Your entries have been duly noted.

Bryan – Yup, I'd be more than happy to ship either prize to the US!. I'm a bit surprised you went for the BL manga – interested in giving it a go? As I mentioned, this one's a bit hardcore, and it's chock-full of pretty boys. Regardless, I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it if you won! (considering you're the only one who picked it so far, I think your chances are going to be quite high...)

Bryan Ochalla said...

Yeah, I'm definitely not into BL based on my current exposure to/experience with it, but I think I should give it a fair shake before really having an opinion of it, don't you think?

As for it being pretty hardcore: That doesn't bother me. I've seen plenty of bara manga, and that's pretty hardcore, too.

BTW, I hope this gives your blog some added exposure. What a great idea in that regard (esp. having people blog, facebook or tweet about it). Like I said earlier, I'll have to steal this idea from you if/when I ever receive some swag :|

apricotsushi said...

Well, Bryan, I didn't come up with the idea, but of course you're free to use it! I'm just offering up a couple of things I had lying around, but I've seen a number of other bloggers do something similar to promote their own blogs. Don't really know if it's getting me any more traffic than normal, though!

Still, even if I don't get any new followers out of it, I'd be more than happy if a frequent commenter such as yourself won. The chances are looking pretty good right now! :)

Marcus said...

Aaaaaah which to choose... I feel like I should try and give Bryan some competition for the manga ;). I usually also prefer bara things to the pretty boys, but hey, it's always worth looking into other things right?

I also really love this idea! I have a fair amount of game things I could pass off to others, but I worry that only you and Bryan would be around for the fun! And also I'm scared of shipping things outside of the US, lol - is it easy?

ftkubota said...

i want Arc Rise Fantasia, i live in brazil and my email is

my tweet about your blog!/bio_tk/status/144566082756280320


apricotsushi said...

Hey Marcus!

I don't think shipping outside the country is hard, but you do usually have to fill out a form saying what the package contains for customs (may only be for certain types of packages, though, I forget). Australia is really strict though, so it can be a bit of a pain. Small things aren't too big of a deal, though!

Well, let me know what prize you end up choosing! Either way, your chances are pretty high (especially if you tweet about it once or twice!).

If you were to hold a contest, I'm sure Bryan and I would be more than happy to do a couple of tweets! If the goods are enticing, people usually come! Well, this is my first attempt, so I can let you know how it goes when it's all said and done :)

apricotsushi said...

Thanks ftkubota! I've put 2 entries for you in the "hat" :)

Marcus said...

So I shouldn't try to gift away my many copies of E.T. for 2600? :P Haha, yeah I guess I forget the power of Twitter sometimes.

I think I will make the BL manga my selection! (Secretly, I really didn't like El Shaddai so that factors into it too, haha). Alright, time to go tweet about it so hopefully more people will wander in before the end date :).

Catarina Marques said...

That's an awesome giveaway! I want in, please! I would like the Crimson Spell volume, I'm an Yamano Ayane fan~!/slipiz4tehweek/status/145104890799210497

My contact: